About Dani

Writer, Speaker and Astrologer

I believe true happiness comes from remembering who you are and embracing that wholeheartedly.​  


For years, I tried so hard to fit into moulds that just didn't feel right. Being who I thought I 'should' be. Constantly ignoring my body and instincts. This made me physically ill and emotionally unfulfilled. I sought out alternative therapies to heal my body, mind and spirit. This led me down many different paths, courses and deep discoveries.


I could no longer swim against the tide, I was exhausted.


Instead, I decided to try a new way. To go with the flow of life, using my Astrology knowledge and strong intuition.

This involved many significant life changes (see video above). 


I learnt sooooo much throughout this journey that a wrote a book about it all...


'How to REALLY go with the FLOW - A Philosophy for Living a Magically Authentic Life'.

Pre-order date coming soon!

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