Astrology with Dani

It's not general, it's personal.

Are you in need of clarity, reassurance and direction in your life?

Are you interested in personal and spiritual development?

Would you like to feel more confident and fully embrace who you REALLY are?

Great, you are in the right place. I'm here to support you through this incredible journey of self discovery.


1-1 Astrology with Dani


In essence, my sessions are a really comforting and empowering chat with someone who knows you spookily well. I enjoy translating the language of Astrology into practical and valuable personal insights for your immediate use and benefit. 


It's a very special experience. You will feel supported, boosted and validated like never before! 

How it Works: I will meet you on a live Zoom call at an agreed time and date to discuss your unique Astrology chart.

It's a super powerful 45 minute session packed with tonnes of 'aha moments' so you are very welcome to record the session

and re-watch it as many times as you like. 

Please note you will need your birth time, date and location to book this session. If you do not know your birth time I would recommend dowsing or working with a Kinesiologist to find out.

Online Astrology Session - £95


"Find out who you are and do it on purpose" - Dolly Parton ​

What People Say...


"Wow, did I need to hear all of that! Honestly I really feel empowered and excited, thank you for your time and energy. So nice to have the recording which I’ll watch all over again this weekend and do some more work. Thank you so much!"

This morning I woke up excited that I had a astrology & tarot session with the very beautiful Dani ... WOW ... 😍 ... when someone sits in the present moments with you when life is testing to say the least and that person literally understands your soul it really is the BIGGEST comfort I could have received today ... having an even clearer understanding of why I am who I am and why I do the things I do literally makes me realise that my intuition has been right for soo long and it is time to LISTEN ... Dani is a pure ray of light and that light has really lifted me today ... FOREVER grateful that the universe united us ... Thank you soooo very much.

"I recently had an astrology session with Dani and I loved it! She was able to expertly hone in on areas of my birth chart to shine a light on different areas of my life and personality. Dani's warmth and energy made the session fun and uplifting and left me feeling very energised. It was wonderful to have some

'me time' and learn more about the cosmos. I highly recommend this service. Thank you Dani x"

"Thank you so much for the amazing reading yesterday.  It was so spot on, I don't think there was one bit that didn't resonate with me.  It was also sooo helpful to learn about the Scorpio aspects of my chart as they helped me understand that part of me that didn't feel fully 'explained' by the Virgo energies.  So this is so helpful. I was telling my boyfriend about what you had said and he was so amazed by how 'me' it sounded! Thank you so much for sending the youtube videos, they were so interesting too.  You clearly have the gift for this! I love how accessible and easy to understand everything you make things.So lovely to have met you!"

"The session told me things about myself I didn't know even existed until brought to the surface, but in doing so, validated so much I felt about myself deep inside, that I just couldn't understand before. It's opened my eyes to who I really am, my strengths, understanding weaknesses, and has helped me look at myself and my life in a much more positive way."

"Dani presents information in a very accessible, fun and down-to-earth way that was easy to 'get' and then to reflect on and apply to my life straight away. This has given me a completely new perspective on my life direction and l would certainly like to find out more about how I can harness this energy to positive effect in the future. Dani is a great guide and inspiration – I wholeheartedly recommend her sessions."

"Mesmerising!  I was amazed at how accurate she was! She even knew things about me that I thought were hidden! Danielle has shown me how to bring more balance in my life and make me more confident in who I am and able to reach my full potential. I feel inspired to achieve this by the way Danielle brings out your inner strengths and individuality in a calming, sometimes humorous and positive way. I would definitely recommend a session with her to find your true self and learn how to apply this knowledge to enrich your life, and others, by using your own unique and individual skills. Thank you Danielle."

"I was so impressed with Dani's knowledge of Astrology. As a person with limited insight on the topic, Dani had a natural flair for explaining complex ideas in a digestible way. Not only did I learn about the way I behave, but I also got practical tips on how to create more balance in my life. After the session I felt much more positive and compassionate to myself and others, it's an eye opening experience I would highly recommend!"

"Throughout the session Dani helped me explore what the influence of astrology means for me in daily life and what I can do to not only accept and understand, but also make best use of my unique nature in work and in relationships. Dani has a wonderfully positive energy and really brings astrology to life, creating an accessible, relevant and useful method of insight for personal and professional development."

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