Astrology Workshops

Let's learn and journey together.

Are you ready to meet and embrace your true self like never before?


Would you like to get together with like-minded people each week to immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Astrology?


Great, I've got just the thing for you!


This 4-week course of interactive and engaging 1 hour workshops is designed to reveal who you truly are. It's the key to living a magically authentic life. We will use the ancient wisdom of the stars to guide you back to your beautifully unique self. This knowledge and experience will change your life for the better. 

Together let's explore who you really are and have fun while we do!

Workshop 1: The Basics – Sun, Moon and Rising

Workshop 2: Mindset and Communication – Mercury

Workshop 3: Astrology for the Soul - North Node

Workshop 4: Your Toughest Life Lesson – Saturn


Structure: Within each workshop you will gain an understanding of each week’s topic and then we will apply this new knowledge to your own unique Astrology chart. There will be plenty of time for discussion and reflection. The aim of the course is for you to learn more about yourself through the eyes of Astrology.

Where: Online via Zoom 

Start Date: New dates coming soon!!

Investment: £80 (maximum 6 spaces).

Tickets can be purchased through the booking system here

***Please note that you will need your exact time of birth to enrol onto this course.***

What People Say...


'Dani is a wonderfully, eloquent, knowledgeable teacher. She works beautifully in a group and manages 1-1 discussion with ease. The course was really easy to access in terms of content. Easy to understand and well written. It’s helpful to have the slides/recordings for later reference. I learned a whole lot about myself, why I am the way I am. Which enables the space and acceptance to honour and embrace my authenticity. It’s a lovely way to explore and analyse your inner and outer world. I would recommend it.'

'It's been really incredible, such a gift and such a journey so thank you very much. It really has changed my life and it's given me so much to think about. Learning about so many different aspects of myself that I think you always know, but you don't allow yourself to know. It's unravelling those layers which you sort of know are there but you haven't really thought you could. It's been great, thank you, thank you, thank you! 

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